Members of the Historical Commission will be at the Redford Community Expo today at the Hubert-Fortiers-O’Grady VFW Post 345, 27345 Schoolcraft, Redford. Come talk to us about our collections, our research, and find out how to get your research questions answered!

Event page is here.

One thought on “Redford Community Expo

  1. My name is Donald H. Gordon, and I’m the direct descendant of George C. Gordon, whom I found “highlighted” on your site. I am in possession of much material on George Gordon (I am his great-grandson) and have been researching his life for many years. A number of years ago I came across another branch of the family who possessed a trunk full of materials related to George C., and I traveled to Michigan and copied most of them to my computer. They include a series of daily diaries which Geo. C. kept over several years after the war, up until the time of his death. He was truly a remarkable guy. In addition to his service in the Civil War, he was a farmer, an educator and teacher (Supt. of Wayne County Public Schools), and a practicing attorney. He didn’t live long after coming home from war and prison — as noted in your article, he died in 1878, about 13 years after the war, but he dedicated his life (and his wife Carrie, her’s) to healing the wounds of the returned vets in the Redford community. From what I’ve learned, he had just graduated from Law School, and had taken a job with a Detroit law firm when the threat of secession loomed on the horizon. It was then that he personally enlisted in “the cause”, and set to work to recruit as many young men in the Redford community to join the army. After his escape to freedom, he and Carrie felt an obligation to minister to the needs of the young men and/or their survivors.

    The final years of his life were also filled with his ambition to build a “great new house” for himself and his family, which he did, right in the middle of “Old Redford”. When the house was finished he had an open-house and party for the community. Soon afterward he died. Carrie sold the house and moved to Detroit where she lived with her family members, including my grandparents.

    Anyway, I have tried to contact someone from the Redford community off and on over the years, both to “dig into resources”, but also share some of the material I possess. I also want to explore information regarding the family of Elijah B. Spencer, who was the father of George’s wife, Caroline.

    My inclination would be to hop in my car and drive up there, but that isn’t as easy as it sounds. I am a Presbyterian minister . . . though I will be 84 years old in January. Technically, I’m retired, but for the past ten years I have been serving a small congregation in my community. I have already stated my intention to “quit”, come next June. I don’t live that far away (I grew up in Detroit), but for the past 35 years I’ve lived here, in Crawford County, PA . . . near Meadville, and about 30 miles south of Erie.

    Perhaps if you could give me a call (XXX)xxx-XXXX, or give me a phone number so I could call you, we could talk more about these things. It seems to me that YOU HAVE a whole lot of history for early Redford that I would like to explore . . . and I have a good bit of material on the GORDONS and the SPENCERS (and other related families) that you might like to have.

    You can also contact me through e-mail at

    While I do “not do” Facebook, my wife does.

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