This year marks 70 years since the building at 26009 5 Mile Rd was built. To celebrate, we thought we’d have some fun by recreating a few photographs that we have in our collection:

Originally an ice cream shop, this building later housed DesAutels Paint Store from 1950-1962. You could buy paint and wallpaper, as well as rent power tools from this little shop. Owner Fred DesAutels was a Redford historian and wrote Redford Township: Its Heritage And Its History in 1975.

This building was surrounded by vacant land and stood alone until the adjacent building went up in 1969. As you can see, present day 5 Mile Rd is much wider than it was decades ago. And let’s be honest, the cars were way cooler back then.

Owned by the Murphy family since 1983, Murphy’s Restaurant is a popular go-to spot for breakfast and lunch. I can’t resist ordering french toast and hashbrowns whenever I stop in. Breakfast food is acceptable any time of day in my book. Check out Murphy’s on Facebook HERE.

Here’s to another 70 years!


6 thoughts on “26009 Five Mile (70 years & still standing)

  1. My name is Sherry Traugh and I reside in Atlanta GA. When I grew up in Redford Twp in the 1950’s, my Dad (Michael Onofrey) owned a Drug Store (Lola Valley Drugs) on 6 mile Rd between Beech and Telegraph. I have been trying to research to see if there is anything (photos, etc.) on his store. Would you have anything on it?


  2. I remember when it was Grant’s a great little greasy spoon with the best donuts and burgers around. My best friend’s mom worked there and we would get free donuts when we stopped in. That was early mid 70’s.


  3. Oh my goodness…memories flooding back…lived in RT from 1950 until 1972…I love these photos! There has to be more…Sherry Onofrey…fellow RUHS classmate! What was the name of the drug store (King something or other) on Five & Beech? Friend and I trying to remember…help! Thank you! Chris Nicholson Kirk


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