As featured in part 1 of this blog, Lola Valley Drugs was one of the tenants in a brick retail strip along 6 Mile Rd. When I drove by the Lola Valley Drugs space a few months ago, it was vacant. And I couldn’t help but notice that most of the strip’s exterior brick has been painted, which kills me a little bit inside.

I stopped by recently to snap a photo of the storefront, and to my surprise, the unit was occupied – by not 1, but 2, retailers! The first space I saw was that of Babes Boutique. My first thought was, ‘Well, this is definitely different than a drugstore!’ First time business owner, Denise Petties, was tired of shopping for clothes and not finding anything she liked [I can hear a resounding AMEN from all the female readers], so she decided to open her own store. As the name suggests, it is boutique in size, but still has a super stylish selection.
IG: @_Babes.Boutique

As I moved into the adjoining retail space and began talking to new business owner Menisa Howard, it became apparent to both of us that this building was calling her name. Her small-scale candy store has only been open for a few weeks, but Menisa has big plans for the future. Wanting to create a nostalgic feel, a popcorn machine takes a corner space and vintage decor lines the shelves. When she told me she wanted to add sodas, sundaes, and window seating, without knowing it she was describing the store that had been there 55 years ago. I guess it’s true – history has a way of repeating itself.

Menisa opened the store so that the kids in the neighborhood have somewhere to go, adding “If you invest in children, they will take care of you.”

Building History

“Mr. Mike” Onofrey, Lola Valley Drugs – original owner of space at 25058 W 6 Mile Rd.

The original construction of this building in 1948 included present day addresses 25048, 25058, & 25074. The building received an addition on the east end in 1953 (street number 25036) and on the west end ten years later (street number 25094).

Current tenants at 25058 W 6 Mile Rd – Candy Store on left & Babes Boutique on right.

From west to east, here are the businesses (that we know of) who have occupied the strip:

  • 25094 W 6 Mile Rd: Currently Blackwater Development
  • 25074 W 6 Mile Rd: The first store to open in the strip was Weatherall Hardware, which later became Weatherall Crafts. Better Medical Equipment, Bongero Construction.
  • 25058 W 6 Mile Rd: When Michael Onofrey sold Lola Valley Drugs, it became Redford Pizza, followed by Midwest Kable Lighting & Sound, and then Redford Glass Block. Currently Candy Store & Babes Boutique.
  • 25048 W 6 Mile Rd: Leo’s Market, Domino’s Pizza. Currently vacant.
  • 25036 W 6 Mile Rd: Michigan Ice Carvers. Currently vacant.

Somewhere in there was a dry cleaner, barbershop, and Gaynor’s Drug Store. Know of a business in this strip that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

Undated photo. Signs for Bongero Construction & Weatherall Crafts are visible. Notice what appears to be parking in front of the building.
Taken January 2017

4 thoughts on “The Onofrey Family & Lola Valley Drugs (Part II)

  1. Wonderful job Mac! Our family cant thank you enough for bringing our greatest childhood memories back alive again! I just know “Mr. Mike” and “Mrs. O” are smiling down and so proud they have become part of the history of Redford Twp.


  2. This was so interesting. I don’t know the family in its entirety but what I know of these 3 (adults) now are just awesone, fun loving, down to earth people. I believe that all 3 would openly admit they really did have an awesome childhood.


    1. Thank you Donna for your kind comments. I can assure you, my sister Carol, brother Mike and myself had the best and awesome childhood a kid can have! And we do have so many, many great memories of that Drug Store. I try to explain to my 3 adult sons and my 9 grandchildren what it was like back in the 50’s. Such a simple uncomplicated time for kids, not to mention the respect and morals that were expected of us. To bad we can’t go back, so thank goodness for these wonderful memories.


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