I know what you’re thinking….. “HUH?!”

At the very end of Western Golf Course is a unique home. Before 1969, this low-lying parcel only contained a Township pumphouse. The brick structure served as the operations center for township sewage treatment. Sounds delightful, right?

Observer photo of the pumphouse, published March 1969.

After the Township vacated the property, the building became a dangerous eyesore. According to an article published in the Observer, bowling alley length storage tanks sat underground and neighbors feared someone would fall in (Home On Stilts Coming On Pumphouse Site, April 29, 1969).

The north side of the structure, which is now connected to the house.

The lot, including the old pumphouse, was soon purchased from the Township and contractors went to work – sealing off entrance points to the cellar and building a single family residence on the site. Since this property often flooded, the home had to be elevated. In doing so, this created a large covered carport underneath the house. The aforementioned news article states:

Eventually the [pumphouse] will become a cool and charming summer house. The multiple roomed basement chambers may become recreation rooms, complete with swimming pool.

As cool as that sounds, are they referring to the underground storage tanks being used for a swimming pool? It’s not that I don’t want to swim in a former sewage treatment container…..oh wait, yes it is. Gross! For the record – we’re not aware of any type of basement under the home.

Construction is underway.

About the Home

Address: 25027 Graham, Redford
Built: 1969
984 sq ft
2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom
.21 acres

1997 listing photo

The home’s 3rd owner, Francis Teter, loves the location, albiet an occasional golf ball and window collision. The house not only overlooks the golf course, it sits next to a 13-acre wooded parcel that is assumably unbuildable. A little bit of country in the middle of Redford! For an added coolness factor, a spiral staircase leads to the home’s 2nd entrance.

We’re not sure what year the pumphouse was built, but it’s a beautiful structure. [Keep in mind that we’re not allowed to talk about the bricked in door and windows, which likely happened when the home was being built. It’s just too upsetting] This house definitely has a unique story.

Do you live in a Redford (or Old Redford) home that has a story to tell? Let us know – we’d love to feature your house in an upcoming blog!


One thought on “Redford’s pumphouse becomes a “Home on Stilts”

  1. Do you know anything about the house that was at the very end of Graham near Telegraph? It looked like an old white farmhouse with dormer windows and was built facing the creek and had some much more recent additions. It was torn down several years ago after sitting empty.


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