New Exhibit: Redford Fire & Police

Throughout February and March we'll be honoring our Fire & Police Departments with a special exhibit - From its beginnings in the early 1920s (The first chief was Officer Jack Bissell, who served as the chief of both departments, with just 2 men working under him) to what the departments are up to today. The exhibit … Continue reading New Exhibit: Redford Fire & Police

From Redford Farm to Henry Ford Museum

Do you ever wonder how one event could change the course of history? I do this all the time. Like, what if my grandfather would have died in World War II? What if Michael Jordan would have never picked up a basketball? What if Henry Ford would have never worked on a farm in Redford? … Continue reading From Redford Farm to Henry Ford Museum

Board Members

Meet Your RTHC Board Members "Mac" MacDermaid Vice Chair (view full bio here) Favorite photo or artifact in the museum Current research topics, projects, and events Centennial Homes project The Lahser family Redford Cemetery Walk Movie in the Cemetery Favorite place in Redford Redford Cemetery Number of years in Redford Since 2012 Board member since... … Continue reading Board Members