Dr. Serena Shivers

Dr. Sarena Shivers, Redford Union Schools Superintendent

Dr. Sarena Shivers came to Redford in 2015 to lead the Redford Union School District. She’s making history as the first black Superintendent of the district. Shivers has worked in education for over 20 years, including for Washtenaw Intermediate School District, Southfield Public Schools and districts in Indiana, Maryland and the Department of Defense. Thus … Continue reading Dr. Sarena Shivers, Redford Union Schools Superintendent


Redford Trustee Linda Jackson

Linda Jackson joined the Redford Township Board of Trustees last year after receiving more votes than any other candidate. Her election is historically significant because she is Redford’s first black Trustee. Jackson grew up in Detroit with a big family – she was one of five children. Her parents taught them “we could be whatever … Continue reading Redford Trustee Linda Jackson