The 1950s Housing Boom

Whenever I tell people about Redford, I mention that most of the Township was built in the 50s. Literally blocks and blocks of brick ranches and bungalows. According to the 1950 census, there were 18,940 people living in Redford. By the time the 1960 census rolled around, that number jumped to 71,276 people. In a … Continue reading The 1950s Housing Boom


The Methodist Children’s Home Society

If you've ever driven on 6 Mile Rd, between Beech Daly and Inkster, you have likely seen The Methodist Children's Home Society, commonly referred to as Children's Village. A short brick wall carrying the name separates the continuous traffic flow of this busy road from this peaceful, park-like property. One of the few buildings visible … Continue reading The Methodist Children’s Home Society

Redford’s pumphouse becomes a “Home on Stilts”

I know what you're thinking..... "HUH?!" At the very end of Western Golf Course is a unique home. Before 1969, this low-lying parcel only contained a Township pumphouse. The brick structure served as the operations center for township sewage treatment. Sounds delightful, right? Observer photo of the pumphouse, published March 1969. After the Township vacated … Continue reading Redford’s pumphouse becomes a “Home on Stilts”

The Smith Family Legacy & Volney Smith School

One afternoon, while on the hunt for some of our Centennial Homes, I drove past this house. I actually had to pull over to admire it. From amazing architectural detail to a lawn so well-manicured that it could be in a magazine, it reminded me of the homes in Detroit's Indian Village neighborhood (just scaled down in … Continue reading The Smith Family Legacy & Volney Smith School

15116 Telegraph (Redford’s Oldest Building)

If you're like me, you've passed Redford's oldest known commercial building a million times and didn't think twice about its age. It sits right off Telegraph, but yet it's hiding in plain sight. That's because the only recognizable characteristic strangely disappears into the skyline behind a blue awning. The Redford Observer 1959 This hidden gem is … Continue reading 15116 Telegraph (Redford’s Oldest Building)