Redford’s “Home on Stilts”

I know what you're thinking..... "HUH?!" At the very end of Western Golf Course is a unique home. Before 1969, this low-lying parcel only contained a Township pumphouse. The brick structure served as the operations center for township sewage treatment. Sounds delightful, right? After the Township vacated the property, the building became a dangerous eyesore. … Continue reading Redford’s “Home on Stilts”


New Exhibit: Redford Fire & Police

Throughout February and March we'll be honoring our Fire & Police Departments with a special exhibit - From its beginnings in the early 1920s (The first chief was Officer Jack Bissell, who served as the chief of both departments, with just 2 men working under him) to what the departments are up to today. The exhibit … Continue reading New Exhibit: Redford Fire & Police

An Early Redford Doctor and Holcomb Elementary

When construction began on Holcomb Elementary School in 1925, it sat within the boundaries of Redford Township. Before it opened in 1926, however, it became part of Detroit Schools. The school was named for Samuel Drayton Holcomb, who was born in North Pelham, Ontario in 1857. Samuel married Annie Winn Lackie in 1880, and around that … Continue reading An Early Redford Doctor and Holcomb Elementary