Redford’s 1st Black Police Officer

When Charles Bradley moved from Southern California to Detroit when he was 12, the thought of becoming a police officer wasn't on his radar just yet (<----see what I did there?). In fact, it didn't even cross his mind in high school or when he started college at Wayne State University for teaching. But one … Continue reading Redford’s 1st Black Police Officer


Redford’s “Home on Stilts”

I know what you're thinking..... "HUH?!" At the very end of Western Golf Course is a unique home. Before 1969, this low-lying parcel only contained a Township pumphouse. The brick structure served as the operations center for township sewage treatment. Sounds delightful, right? After the Township vacated the property, the building became a dangerous eyesore. … Continue reading Redford’s “Home on Stilts”