Honoring Joe Jeffries, WWII Vet

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Jeffries at this year's Memorial Day parade. As I walked past him, the words "World War II" on his hat caught my eye and I had to do a double take. Fighting back tears, I stopped to thank him for his service. He must have noticed the look of … Continue reading Honoring Joe Jeffries, WWII Vet


Honoring Sgt Helen Johnston (Amick)

Women in the War Nearly 400,000 American women served in World War II. The majority of women in the war held office jobs. Although much less dangerous than being on the front lines, these jobs were essential. By filling office jobs that would otherwise be held by men, women freed more men to fight. The … Continue reading Honoring Sgt Helen Johnston (Amick)

Dr. Serena Shivers

Dr. Sarena Shivers, Redford Union Schools Superintendent

Dr. Sarena Shivers came to Redford in 2015 to lead the Redford Union School District. She’s making history as the first black Superintendent of the district. Shivers has worked in education for over 20 years, including for Washtenaw Intermediate School District, Southfield Public Schools and districts in Indiana, Maryland and the Department of Defense. Thus … Continue reading Dr. Sarena Shivers, Redford Union Schools Superintendent