Gleason Farm & Henry Ford

Do you ever wonder how one event could change the course of history? I do this all the time. Like, what if my grandfather would have died in World War II? What if Michael Jordan would have never picked up a basketball? What if Henry Ford would have never worked on a farm in Redford? … Continue reading Gleason Farm & Henry Ford


Board Members

Meet Your RTHC Board Members Julie Atkinson-FountainChairperson/President Appointed: May 2018 Ashley JohnsonVice Chairperson/Vice President Appointed: August 2019 Kathy AndersonTreasurerAppointed: February 2018 Amanda FlesherAppointed: November 2018 Chris WilliamsAppointed: January 2020 Lou WysockiAppointed: Emeritus Board Members: Amanda "Mac" MacDermaidServed 2016 - 2022 Redford Township Designated Historians: Fred DesAutels Served 1969 - 1974 Sybil RaesideServed c.1970s - 2008 Volunteer/Associate Board … Continue reading Board Members

The Smith Family Legacy & Volney Smith School

One afternoon, while on the hunt for some of our Centennial Homes, I drove past this house. I actually had to pull over to admire it. From amazing architectural detail to a lawn so well-manicured that it could be in a magazine, it reminded me of the homes in Detroit's Indian Village neighborhood (just scaled down in … Continue reading The Smith Family Legacy & Volney Smith School

An Early Redford Doctor and Holcomb Elementary

Holcomb students When construction began on Holcomb Elementary School in 1925, it sat within the boundaries of Redford Township. Before it opened in 1926, however, it became part of Detroit Schools. The school was named for Samuel Drayton Holcomb, who was born in North Pelham, Ontario in 1857. Samuel married Annie Winn Lackie in 1880, and … Continue reading An Early Redford Doctor and Holcomb Elementary

The Fisher Family and Fisher Elementary School

 In the mid-1800s, Redford had 10 school districts. As rail construction attracted more and more residents to the area after the turn of the century, District 9 decided it was time to replace and improve upon its small wooden schoolhouse. Fisher family properties The District bought an acre of land from Eugenius and Abigail Hodge for … Continue reading The Fisher Family and Fisher Elementary School