Infiniti Motor Group

Year built: 1912


Believe it or not, this is the only commercial building that has a centennial year listed in public record. A trip down any of our Mile roads, Telegraph, or Grand River will reveal lots of old buildings. We know they’re old, we just have to start digging. Seeing all the connected businesses along certain stretches of our Mile roads get my imagination revved up. The remnants of a “downtown” area – and the potential that is hiding behind them.


I stopped in to see the guys at Infiniti Motor Group (well, let’s be honest, I was dying to see the inside!) and they were surprised at how old their building is. The business has been here for roughly 8 years and they mentioned that the previous business that was housed here was a plumbing company, who had been in the building for 20-30 years.

I was slightly disappointed when I walked into the main office area and saw a drop ceiling. Attics hold a lot of clues, but there was no attic space in this one. “What’s behind there?” I asked. And when an employee pointed to a ceiling tile that was missing, there it sat in all its glory – a beautiful wood ceiling. Luckily the entire ceiling is exposed in the shop area, so I was able to snap a picture – way better than asking if I can get my ladder out to peek around up there.


I’ve still got a lot of digging to do on this one, so stay tuned. If you know of a business that was here in the past please let us know in the comments below.


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