Year Built: 1916
Sq Ft: 1,946
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 2
Garage: 2-car
Lot size: .25

Definitely one of our biggest homes, at almost 2,000 sq ft. I just happened to catch the new owner on moving day. This home has been a multi-family for some time, but the owner did tell me he will be converting it back to a single-family residence.

Before we begin, check out these photos from a real estate listing in 2010:

The garage appears original. I’m sad to say that the garage was torn down and replaced with a brand new one. Well, sad for me because of the historical aspect, but I’m sure the homeowner is happy.

The exterior of the home looks much different today:

Get a load of the original details inside the home. Everything from wood floors to kitchen cabinets, including UNPAINTED doors, baseboard molding, and trim. I probably should have made sure you were sitting down for that one. But can you believe it??? UNPAINTED! (Ok, I spotted painted trim in a few rooms, but work with me here).

By the 1883 map a 44 acre section where the home is belongs to J. Greschover Jr, but interestingly enough, a home at this location is marked. Another new landowner shows up on the 1905 map (name is illegible), again with a home marked at this location. And once more on the 1915 map, new landowner F. Brady appears, showing the same home. There certainly was a lot of turnover with this land! I’m adding this one to my research list – I get the feeling there’s more to this house than the date implies.

*Interior photos from recent real estate listing