Featured homes, listed by year built:


26704 Five Mile (The Wait House)
19469 Gaylord (Nic Bos Florist Shop)
25150 Joy (The Zhemba Farmhouse)
18253 Beech Daly
19304 Denby
11384 Brady (The Bigalow Farmhouse)
18875 Negaunee
11648 Beech Daly (The Fisher House)
24311 Plymouth (The Dunning House)
23536 Plymouth (The Shear House)


Methodist Children’s Home Society (26645 W 6 Mile Rd)


26739 Vassar – Coming Soon






19368 Gaylord – Coming Soon
19339 Gaylord – Coming Soon
19173 Gaylord (Demolished) – Coming Soon
19919 Negaunee – Coming Soon
20070 Negaunee – Coming Soon
19515 Garfield – Coming Soon
18227 Beech Daly – Coming Soon
19151 Seminole – Coming Soon
19328 Garfield
19207 Glenmore – Coming Soon

19510 Brady
18432 Centralia

26736 Vassar
19283 Five Points
18835 Five Points
18208 Centralia
11600 Grayfield
19955 Negaunee
17244 Inkster
18237 Beech Daly

19782 Negaunee
15811 Lennane
12066 Centralia
19355 Brady

18538 Inkster
19315 Gaylord
18685 Delaware
18265 Beech Daly

15388 Woodworth
19316 Garfield
19310 Garfield

15836 Beech Daly

15802 Winston
25154 Graham – Coming Soon

19201 Olympia – Coming Soon


22 thoughts on “Centennial Homes

  1. My parents bought the house that sat on where Ollie Fretter had his first Appliance store on Telegraph, north of 5 mile. They had it moved to 15394 Fenton on a large lot. I remember watching them move it. 1960ish. They bought it from Mr Fretter for $500. Years later the plumbing was replaced. Toilet tank stamped 1927. Is there a centennial plaque for something like this in the near future? Beautiful old home 🙂


    1. That is awesome! Do you have any old photos you could share with us some time? As far as the historical plaques go, there’s two types that available for residential homes. The first one is for the site itself. Since the house was moved, it probably wouldn’t qualify for that. The second historical plaque would be if the home had a significant impact to Redford’s history, had historical/rare architectural and originally intact features, or if it was built by a famous architect or lived in by a famous person. Hope that helps answer your question. – Amanda


  2. Looking for info on a house I grew up in. 15394 Fenton. My dad bought it from Ollie Fretter and had it moved to its present location. I believe it was built un 1920s. Mr Fretter needed it moved for his new appliance store in 1960ish. It was beautiful inside with mahogany wood and plaster walls.


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