Featured homes, listed by year built:


26704 Five Mile (The Wait House)
19469 Gaylord (Nic Bos Florist Shop)
25150 Joy (The Zhemba Farmhouse)
18253 Beech Daly
19304 Denby
11384 Brady (The Bigalow Farmhouse)
18875 Negaunee
11648 Beech Daly (The Fisher House)
24311 Plymouth (The Dunning House)
23536 Plymouth (The Shear House)


Methodist Children’s Home Society (26645 W 6 Mile Rd)


19368 Gaylord – Coming Soon
19339 Gaylord – Coming Soon
19173 Gaylord (Demolished) – Coming Soon
19919 Negaunee – Coming Soon
20070 Negaunee – Coming Soon
19515 Garfield – Coming Soon
18227 Beech Daly – Coming Soon
19151 Seminole – Coming Soon
19328 Garfield
19207 Glenmore – Coming Soon

19510 Brady
18432 Centralia

26736 Vassar
19283 Five Points
18835 Five Points
18208 Centralia
11600 Grayfield
19955 Negaunee
17244 Inkster
18237 Beech Daly

19782 Negaunee
15811 Lennane
12066 Centralia
19355 Brady

18538 Inkster
19315 Gaylord
18685 Delaware
18265 Beech Daly

15388 Woodworth
19316 Garfield
19310 Garfield

15836 Beech Daly

15802 Winston
25154 Graham – Coming Soon

19201 Olympia – Coming Soon


22 thoughts on “Centennial Homes

  1. I live at 17638 Winston. When I bought the house I was given a Burton Abstract and Title Co. book dated all the way back to September 13, 1917. The first purchase of 80 acres of land back on July 16, 1831. it has a picture of the construction of Mortenson Grand River Subdivision being created. I do know that my house was moved forward about 500 feet to fit this construction. So I’m not really sure when the HOUSE was ACTUALLY BUILT. If you can possibly help me figure this out, I would appreciate it, It’s possible my home is the first original home of Redford Township!!! My name is Lisa Bednarz and my phone# (313)704-1343. I look forward to speaking to you.


    1. Public record shows the house being built in 1924. Public record isn’t always accurate, but it’s a good start. Just 2 years later that area was annexed by Detroit.


  2. Hi Centennial Homes
    My name is Jean and I live in Old Redford on Redfern Street right of 7 Mile. Fourth house of the corner. Can’t miss it. Big white Federal style house 3 floors. I have a picture of it in 1940 with a model T in the driveway. Can’t find any information on it. HELP.


    1. Hi Jean, I see that your house was built in 1910. It looks like the property belonged to the DuBois family in 1915. They are the landowners all the way back to the earliest Landowner Map we have, which is 1876. They were a very prominent family in Redford, so it doesn’t surprise me that your home is very stately. The family was so popular, in fact, that this area was nicknamed “DuBoisville”. There was even a school named after them 🙂 I’d love to photograph your house so we can get it documented and research more on it!


  3. I know it’s on the Detroit side of the tracks – in the original township – but the farmhouse on 6 and Winston (24550 McNichols) was built in 1850.


    1. I drive by that house often. It’s in pretty poor shape. How do you know what year is was built? Would love any insider info you have 🙂


    2. The real estate sites all list it as being built in 1850 – and the historic maps all show that building going back that far. The Bezesky family lived there from 1920 into the 70’s. Prior to that, George W. Lee lived there. Not sure if he was the first or second owner. One of the oldest in the Detroit area. Too bad it’s falling into ruin. I remember when there was a huge pine tree in front of the porch. When it fell, it took out the small hill.


  4. Just found your site. I lived in Redford from 1974-1978. My home address was. 9335 Beech Daly, between West Chicago and Joy Road. It was my understanding it was one of the original farms in the area. The previous owners did major revolution on the home. The barn was still in the backyard. Only lived there 4 years, but I loved the house and hated to leave it. I would love any information regarding this homestead. Thank you.


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