The Redford Township Historical Commission is currently in the process of developing History Tours throughout the township that will touch on different buildings, sites, and landmarks significant to Redford’s History. Our short-term goal is to make these self-guided tours free and available to the public and provide options of walking, riding a bike, or driving in a car or other motor vehicle. Our long-term goal is educate the community on the rich heritage of Redford Township so that we may preserve it and share it with others. We would also love to have more local history incorporated into public school curriculum, designate more State Historic Markers throughout Redford, and develop a brochure for tourism to our Historic Township.

Our idea for these History Tours stems from the RTHC founder and historian, Fred DesAutels. Below are a couple of newspaper articles talking about some of the tours Fred conducted:

The Center of Redford – Route 1

Level: Beginner
Distance: 4.3 miles (7 km)
Points of Interest: 18 (including Government Municipal Buildings, Historic Homes, and a scenic view along Western Golf Course)
Location: 5 Mile and Beech Daly through Western Golf Course subdivisions
About: This route was designed to be a slow-roll bike tour with flat terrain and the use of stoplights and sidewalks for the safety and convenience of the riders. However, you can still take this tour by driving or walking. The tour begins and ends at the Redford Marquee, traveling down 5 Mile towards Western Golf & Country Club, then back over to the Five Mile and Beech corner and past our Government Buildings. Click on the link to check it out! (You can also download the App)