How it Started

As I began our Centennial Homes project, I really had no idea how many homes in the Township were at least 100 years old. But I dug in. My goal is to document these homes by not only recording specific physical characteristics of the houses, but to photograph them as well. With my passion for real estate and photography, this project was perfect!

I started a simple spreadsheet by adding a few homes that I knew of that appeared old. These were homes I drove by everyday and admired their historic characteristics. Then I went with the most obvious source of information – public records. This actually resulted in a pretty long list. But then something weird happened. I noticed that a few of the houses I added myself didn’t come up in my public records search for homes built in 1916 or before. When I manually typed in the addresses of these homes, no year was listed at all. So I headed to the Assessor’s office, where they keep field sheets on every house in the Township. To find a field sheet for a house, you must have the parcel ID number. (Oh yes, the ‘field sheet’ is an actual sheet of paper. Hard-core research done the old-fashioned way!) Then, you have to locate the correct binder, and then flip through the pages to find the parcel ID number. Whew! This is where I started hitting road blocks. For many of the older homes I knew of, the field sheet listed ‘OLD’ as the year built. Well crap, that wasn’t any help. I noted it on my spreadsheet and continued on. Then I wanted to cross-reference the homes one more time by getting a visual of the home from Google Street View. I was ready to start making contact with the homeowners and photographing their homes.

I started the journey on the north side of Redford and my list of homes suddenly doubled. As I would drive to one home, I’d notice a handful of homes on the way there that I could tell were old. I added the addresses to a separate piece of paper so I could look them up in public record. These homes were showing dates in the 40s and 50s, so something wasn’t adding up. Another trip to the Assessor’s office revealed that these were the dates that the homes were remodeled or added onto. Aha! So because they had no idea what year the houses were built, the remodel year ended up getting recorded in public record as the actual year built.

This project became much bigger than I anticipated. From what I thought would be only a handful of homes, to a list that is now over 40 homes strong, I am working my way through Redford. I hope you enjoy the updates that will be posted as I continue to work on this project.

If you see a home in Redford Twp that you think is an oldie but goodie, please let us know in the comments below. I have a feeling I’ll never get a complete list of our Centennial Homes, but I’ll sure try! -Mac

Featured homes, listed by year built:


26704 Five Mile
19469 Gaylord
25150 Joy
19304 Denby
11384 Brady
18875 Negaunee
18253 Beech Daly
11648 Beech Daly
24311 Plymouth
23536 Plymouth

1918 – Happy Centennial Year!


19368 Gaylord – Coming Soon
19339 Gaylord – Coming Soon
19173 Gaylord – Coming Soon
19919 Negaunee – Coming Soon
20070 Negaunee – Coming Soon
19515 Garfield – Coming Soon
18227 Beech Daly – Coming Soon
19151 Seminole – Coming Soon
19328 Garfield
19207 Glenmore – Coming Soon

19510 Brady
18432 Centralia

26736 Vassar
19283 Five Points
18835 Five Points
18208 Centralia
11600 Grayfield
19955 Negaunee
17244 Inkster
18237 Beech Daly

19782 Negaunee
15811 Lennane
12066 Centralia
19355 Brady

18538 Inkster
19315 Gaylord
18685 Delaware
18265 Beech Daly

15388 Woodworth
19316 Garfield
19310 Garfield

15836 Beech Daly

15802 Winston
25154 Graham – Coming Soon

19201 Olympia – Coming Soon


Centennial Commercial Buildings
15733 Telegraph
15116 Telegraph


5 thoughts on “Centennial Homes

  1. My house is not quite as old as the ones listed, however it was built in 1925. The original owners grandson (who is well into his 70’s) visited last summer and told us some on the history on the house. 9045 Riverdale is my address. Any historical info you may have on the house that you might gather would be very much appreciated. About ten years ago I paid a visit to The Redford Historical Society in an effort to find information on my house. Sadly I was unable to find any.
    Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in my home. 313 623-7331 Deanne Carter
    Thank You


  2. I’m living at 17244 inkster rd I think you would really enjoy the interior of the home and original hardwood etc especially the basement remnants of handwriting on beams from early 1900s


  3. I8696 Brady was built in about 1924. Originally a one bed room house with an out house in the back yard. Cedar shingles and I believe a north facing entrance. In the 1940’s the house was expanded and a garage was built. The chimney was knocked down and can be seen in the attic when the house “grew”. The living room was originally a living room and kitchen. I learned all this when I bought the house in 1985.


  4. I lived at 15537 Wakenden. It’s one of the older homes. Nice 5 bedroom, 2 full baths, large living and dining room. Michigan basement.


  5. Oh how I wish you would extend your boundaries to include the house I grew up in at 16175 Winston. I haven’t lived there since 1971, but I think about it all the time. Such a cool house! I know a little of the history, just what we heard when we bought it, but I was a little kid, so I don’t know how accurate it is. But boy how we loved that house! (And the school next to it, which was Yost at the time!)


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