Fred DesAutels: Jan 2, 1903 – December 1985

The Redford Township Historical Commission got its start in 1969 when local historian, Fred DesAutels, received approval from the Township. He was appointed to the Board and immediately began working to meet with other community members to fill the remaining board positions. And as they say….the rest is history.

The Charter Township of Redford officially established the Redford Township Historical Commission with Ordinance No. 252. From the Ordinance:

It shall be the duty of the Historical Commission to collect and preserve historical materials relating to the history of the Northwest Territory, the State of Michigan, and the Charter Township of Redford; to acquire ownership and control of landmarks of the Charter Township of Redford with the funds budgeted by the Charter Township of Redford Board of Trustees; to compile histories of the Township and the area; and to participate in other historical endeavors which the Commission believes to be of sufficient interest to the Township.

The Commission consists of seven board members appointed by the Township Board of Trustees.



All Commission meetings are held at the museum and are open to the public. The Commission holds regular meetings every other month on the second Thursday at 6 p.m.

Notice of special meetings will be made on this website and will be posted at the museum.

Meeting minutes are filed with the Township and available from the Commission upon request.

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