All you need to know about our Movie in the Cemetery event is right here!

On Friday, October 21 we be showing Night of the Living Dead inside the historic Redford Cemetery. This 1968 film is a cult classic and you’ll get to see it on a 10ft x 14ft LED screen in the intimate yet spooky cemetery at night. *This film is unrated but is not suggested for children.

You will enter the cemetery through the old horse and buggy entrance, pass the historical marker and travel down the same path visitors took 180 years ago. Be sure to say “hello” to the grave digger!

Late October weather can be unpredictable but is likely to be cold, so dress accordingly. We will have fires going for some extra warmth, but you can never have too many layers.

Tickets: Tickets are available at this link for a $15 donation and advance purchase includes popcorn and pop. Tickets will also be available at the gate for cash only. Popcorn and pop will be available for purchase before the movie, also cash only.

Time:  The gate opens at 6pm. Entrance permitted through the old cemetery gate only (by the historical marker). Movie starts at 7pm.

What to Bring:
-Lawn chair and blanket
-A cooler with snacks if desired, but alcohol is not permitted on the property.
-Warm clothes/coats
-Someone to hold you (in case you get scared)

Parking: Due to space limitations, parking will not be available inside the cemetery. Street parking is available in the area, and business to the south of the cemetery along Telegraph have allowed us to use their lots for parking as well. Be sure to secure your vehicles and do not leave valuables in them. Please avoid parking in lots where the businesses are open in the evening. Walk north to the old gate to enter the cemetery.

As the Historical Commission and Cemetery Association are volunteer-run organizations, we ask that you help us out by not leaving any trash on the ground when the event ends.

Click here for the Movie in the Cemetery Facebook event page.

Click here for the Redford Observer story on our events.

Any proceeds from the event go toward preserving Redford’s history, including the Redford Cemetery.

See you soon!


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