Meet Your RTHC Board Members

Julie Atkinson-Fountain
Appointed: May 2018

Ashley Johnson
Vice Chairperson/Vice President 
Appointed: August 2019

Kathy Anderson
Appointed: February 2018

Amanda Flesher
Appointed: November 2018

Chris Williams
Appointed: January 2020

Lou Wysocki

Emeritus Board Members:

Amanda “Mac” MacDermaid
Served 2016 – 2022

Redford Township Designated Historians:

Fred DesAutels
Served 1969 – 1974

Sybil Raeside
Served c.1970s – 2008

Volunteer/Associate Board Members:

Mary Haney
Served c.2002 – 2019

Past Board Members (Redford Township Historical Commission): Est. 1959 – Present

Muriel Zink
Elsmere Pearson
Lillian Doty
Joseph Kojesky
Dominic Paris
James Reid
Edward Weiss
Ruth Lewis
Joan Garver
Viola Jaaksi
William “Bill” Ford
Reva Wujcik
Lois Scupholm
Marilyn Churchill
Max Spangler
Lois Carpenter
Joycelyn Koenig
Therese Duffy
James Bailey
Barbara Campbell
Sybil Raeside
Winston Wessels
Margaret “Pat” Anderson
Adeline Elbode
Peg Somers
Arvilla Moore
Bill Ferrill
Rose Crenshaw
Paul Crenshaw
Dolores Ferrill
Regina Gilbert
Ilona Klemm
Stephanie Caloia
Mac MacDermaid
Stacey Luoma
Charles “Chuck” Rever
Matthew Krajenke

Past Board Members (Redford Township Historical Society): Est. 1971 – c.2000

Aileen DesAutels
Dora Pearson
Muriel Zink
Sharon Wall
Betty Kojesky
Don Christie
Lydia Paris
Rhys Lewis
Viola Jaaksi
Fred DesAutels
Karen “Peg” Kordenbrock
James Reid
Gen Manning
Ruth Lewis
Lucille Guyot
Irene Weiss
Joan Garver
Mrs. James Reid
Sybil Raeside
Rose Crenshaw
Adeline Elbode
Peg Somers
Kevin Lane
Lois Carpenter
Arvilla Moore

Past Board Members (Redford Township Historical & Genealogical Society/Genealogy Society): Est. 1983 – c.2011

Marie Karol
Sue Dreyfus
Max Spangler
Eleanor Koenig
Joycelyn Koenig
Raymond Carpenter
Lois Carpenter – Archivist
Sybil Raeside
Peg Somers – Emeritus
George Coe
Anna Lewis
Maureen Lehman
Lloyd Kuhn
Virginia Engel
Marge Schulkins
Dale Moore
John Graf Sr.
Nancy Brama
Joan Reilly

Bicentennial Commission Members: Est. 1974

Dominic Paris, Chair
Paul Salamy, Vice Chair
Joseph Soncrant, 2nd Vice Chair
Mildred Rowlson, Corresponding Secretary (later replaced by Marilyn Churchill)
Grace Banks, Recording Secretary
Ed Weiss, Treasurer
& other members including: George Grafe, Robert Anderson, Robert Bannister, Fred DesAutels, Donald Veramay, Estelle Ehred, Wilbur Goudreau, John Norton, Michael Possert, John Reiff, Lillian Selke, Evelyn Shaufler, Jack Garden, James Reid, Audrey Shore/Schorr, John Craig, Susan Oglesbee Burt, and Ann Urban

Sesquicentennial Commission Members/Agency: Est. 1983

James Bailey


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